Yup….bad meetings happen….

I think I had my first bad Pack meeting tonight. I feel bad.  In May the Council has a Fishing derby setup for each District so the boys can earn their Fishing beltloop, Segment and a few other things if their friend joins.  Our beloved RT Cubscout Commish is a complete wizard at kneckerchief slides.

So, I am going with a whole “Fishing” theme for the pack.  Get the boys to make an invite to give to a friend that they want to have come to the fishing derby who are NOT in cubscouts.  I set-up the gathering activity for them to make these. Wow, that took time.

After gathering activity and we are basically ontime at this point, I am getting the boys ready for flag.  I think that since we have done a modified version for about 3 months, they all forgot what FLAG was.  We did a scripted Flag that went through the oath, motto, webelos, everything so each boy could do/say something.  Then the pledge.  It was designed by BSA so they could learn and also not DRAG the flag across the floor.

Well, the boys totally forgot everything, did it wrong. I was horrified.  (Note to self afterwards…they are cubscouts!)

The meeting went on and I walked through how to tie a fishing knot, talked about different kinds of fish in the Pacific NW.  I had cards of fish..including Marlin and Swordfish and Catfish.  Talked about what to wear, why to wear it, Emergency Kit…the basics.

Afterwards we handed out awards made annoucements and quickly retired the colors. DONE!

OMG, I just wanted to run out.  I so had two songs, a Cubmaster Minute and a whole better plan….It just did not happen.  Just like a Preacher’s Son who does everything wrong, my son was doing that.    I think that and that the boys had a mind of their own tonight really through me.

While I had a patch/beltloop kit with me that I was able to get missing items to the boys and extra patches, I was not on my game.  I dressed up funny, wore a silly hat and put myself out there.  I was mindful of the time…(It could have been shorter though…).

What happened behind the scenes is that one Den Leader let me know today that they would be out of town, another said they would be late.  This is after another Den Leader said last week that he was out of town due to work.  He got all the awards and other items to the Ast DL. Ugh….So, it was me, my NEW MEMBERSHIP CHAIR (she is awesome…helped me with gathering activity….as did other parents.) and the Committee Chair/Treasurer and the Webelos I DL

I am so re-thinking next months pack meeting.  I wanted to teach the boys songs so they can earn their Music Beltloop. I got a friend of mine to come in and play.  I am now re-thinking it and seeing about practicing Flag and having a Boy Scout Troop come and do it for us.

It won’t be the first bad meeting…but I just hate having them…..The good thing is that I video’d the whole meeting and watched it back.  I learned a lot.

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Current Skyloo District Commissioner Current Skyloo District & Council Trainer Current Council Member at Large (Cascade Pacific Council) Former Tiger DL & CM of P221 in Pioneer District Former Skyloo District CS Roundtable Commissioner. Former Ast Council Commissioner for Commissioner Tools and Communication Former Pioneer District Training Chair WE1-492-09 Beaver W1-492-11 Bobwhite TG ASM Logistic W1-492-17-2
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  3. Adam R. Cox says:

    OK: Found out what a Baggie ment. Nope, we are not a baggie pack. We will put awards on a sheet of paper and point out each award to the cub and audience. We like to give a quick "This is what the Cub did" speech. It gives them a boost and kudos in front of everyone.If the boys earned it, we take the time to show & tell!


  4. Adam R. Cox says:

    Thanks all for the notes. I have had a good time today to reflect and figure out what I need to do. Many good comments and points about what I need to do better.@ADC Kris: What is a baggie pack?


  5. ADC Kris says:

    I'm amazed that the boys were so well behaved!! They really look up to you! The thing that I saw right off the bat is that you weren't engaging them at all, you were doing all the talking/doing. The average Cub Scout only has a 7-12 min attention span. You need to interject a song, skit, joke…something. The fishing gear was GREAT! You could have even had them stand up and pretend to be the fish and have them pick which kind they were….just something to get them up and moving.Oh, and tell me that you aren't a "baggie" pack!!You did a great job over all! You atleast got up there and Did Your Best!! Everyone is still learning.


  6. Scouter Doug says:

    Adam- Dont beat yourself up too bad. Looks like you put together a really good Pack meeting. Besides, it looks like you've got another leader out of the night so things didn't all turn out bad. Remember boys are like weather… Most of the time were prepared for them and some times they're just out of control. I'd keep the music plans but open with a refresher.


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