Woodbadge Part Two (International Activity)

So, I have finished and have been beaded for Woodbadge.  I wore my beads to a Den Meeting and then the Scarf, Woggle and Beads to Roundtable. Is that it?  What do I do now? All my ticket items are complete…..

I need new goals, a new ticket if you will.  I remembered something that I remind a few boys about becoming an Eagle. Even though I am not one.  You have attained Eagle.  All your projects are over that got you to this point.  Now, you have to live as an Eagle.  Keep proving why you got it.

So, now it is time for me to keep proving that I am Woodbadge Worthy.  It is the real for Woodbadge.

So, what I am going to do.  I am going to work on the International Scouter’s Award.

So, why do it? Why do it for me?  Have I not said it’s for the boys?  Yup.  This knot will most likely take years to complete.  Which is fine.

However, there are two blogs that got me started down this line and a question from a Wolf’s Grandfather who was the first Eagle in Nebraska. What is that funny purple patch on every scout’s uniform. Read  Scoutmaster Jerry and Mike Walton pages for the answer and what it symbolizes.

I now have the answer for the Wolf’s Eagle Grandfather.  I had not a clue.

How can I get the pack and myself to go International and get this experince?

Jamboree on the Air, Jamboree on the Internet and Scouting.org link. My local council, Cascade Pacific has a JOTA operation every year.  I have already been in contact with the main person.

This and other activities will allows the members of our Pack to earn the International Activity Patch.

Using what I have learned within Woodbadge, I will setup this International Scouter’s Award that will really benefit the Scouts within the Pack and those around me.  This program will also allow everyone to better understand that funny little purple patch.

*note: I am still working on a lot of this information so the Pack can go to JOTA/JOTI as well as many requirements.

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  3. Bryan says:

    What is next? I just got beaded as wellm and will be working staff on Wood Badge this year. Take the knowledge and use it in your Home Unit. Encourage other Scouters to follow your lead and take Wood Badge as well!Congrats and keep on Scouting!YISBryanI used to be an Eagle and a good ole Staffer too…


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