Final for Closing for Cubscout Year

Our last regular meeting for the 2009-2010 year is June 14th.  There are two main things we are going to do for the last meeting.  First is to award all ranks and awards and then crossover the entire pack to their new Dens.

Second, we are holding our a Rainboat Regatta Race since the final day of school is the 15th.

However, I am torn about the final Cubmaster minute or demo.  The first is to have a Flag Retirement Ceremony for the boys. That might be a bit much and not sure if the school where we meet would allow us to have a fire in the parking lot?

The safer course of action is to do this closing that I found on USSSP:

ARRANGEMENTS: House lights are dimmed. Ceremony board or log containing 7 small candles and 1 tall candle representing the Spirit of Scouting. 

CUBMASTER: (Lights candles) This last ceremony for 19__ is one of rededication. Tonight 4 candles represent the Cub Scout RanksBobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. Will all Bobcat Cub Scouts and their parents please stand. Bobcats, do you promise in 19__ to do your best to help other people and obey the Law of the Pack, and to advance on rank? 

BOBCATS: We’ll do our Best! (Extinguish Bobcat candle) 

CUBMASTER: (Follow same procedure for Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts) 

CUBMASTER: Will all Webelos and their parents please stand. Webelos do you promise in 2010 to do your best to help other people and obey the Law of the Pack, and to earn the Arrow of Light Award if you have not already earned it? 

WEBELOS: We’ll do our best! 

CUBMASTER: Three candles and the Spirit of Cub Scouting remain burning. Those three candles stand for Follow, Helps, and Gives, which means “We’ll be loyal.” Will you be loyal Cub Scouts in 2010? (All respond) (Three candles are extinguished) 

The Spirit of Cub Scouting will burn as it does in the hearts of Cub Scouts everywhere. May it continue to burn brightly in you hearts during the year of 2010 as we go upward and forward in Pack 221. Good night, Cub Scouts.

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2 Responses to Final for Closing for Cubscout Year

  1. Adam R. Cox says:

    Yes. Alice Cooper time. I think that I will reserve that for the fall time frame and actually build towards it. I might try it as a closing for May since it's Memorial Day time.My big thing is that I need to convey that it's a retirement not a burning. Also to the parents. While you and I get the significance of it. Not preparing the parents could backfire.So, for the final Cubmaster minute, I will do the closing from USSSP.


  2. Scouter Doug says:

    I like the USSSP closing. I think you CAN do a proper retirement ceremony with Cubs but you've got to have their respect and solemnity tweaked for the circumstances. The end of year, school's out, Alice Cooper energy might be a little too much to have the 2 be compatible at that time.


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