The Hiking Beltloop and Pin

Today after our Council’s Goodwill/Goodturn six cubs, three den leaders and a Scout Grandparent went out to Powell Butte in Portland, Or to tackle the Hiking Beltloop & Pin.  One word about the Scout Grandparent.  Apparently back in the day, he started a Pack in Nebraska from scratch.  I had no clue that he did that.  Very amazing!  He thanked us all for doing what we did and thought we were on the right track.

My goal for this weekend was to not only show the boys that being a cubscout is not just about Pinewood Derby, crafts and skits.  It is about knowing the community where you live and what they can do about caring for it.  So far the Tigers, Wolves and Webelos collected 61 bags.  Still waiting on the final count from the Bears.

After GW/GT or Scouting for Food, we need to make sure the boys have fun.  It is good to reward them for their hard work.  Anything that is done within Cubscouts has a purpose.  This outing was to go climb “Powell Butte Nature Park is an extinct volcano and is Portland’s second-largest park after Forest Park.” (see link for more info)

The goal was to satisfy the three beltloop goals for hiking.

  1. Explain the hiking safety rules to your den leader or adult partner. Practice these rules while on a hike.
  2. Demonstrate proper hiking attire and equipment.
  3. Hike at least 30 minutes with your adult partner, family, or den.

The boys did satisfy all of them.  We actually were hiking for two and half hours.  We were able to see Mt Hood, Mt, Adams, Mt St Helens and many other mountians.  Also, we did talk about Leave No Trace as we always do and picked up several things of trash along the way.

In the end, we were able to complete for 4 or 5 of the boys their Pin requirements.  I need to check on 2 cubs to make sure they have gotten the Outdoor Activity Award for the pin. Most of the boys are very close to getting the Leave No Trace Award and next to it the Outdoor Activity Award.We did not set out to get pins, but during the course of the event, we talked about plants, animals and how to hike/camp correctly along with what to bring.  It was a great success.

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