Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)

I became a Ham Radio Operator in August 2006 with a Tech license. I upgraded to General in Nov 2008.  I became a Ham Radio Operator for one main fact.  James Kim.  I felt had he been prepared, he would have been alive to this day.
Because of my interest in Ham Radio and Scouting, I knew that I wanted to do something to get the boys interested in Ham Radio and keep with the “Be Prepared” motto.
So, when I found out about Jamboree On The Air, I was cvery happy.  So, I am hoping to get more information about the local efforts of JOTA and get the boys involed.  Here is a link about a local Ham Radio Club helping out with JOTA in 2004.
In doing quick research, I have found that there are many rank advancements and merit badges associated with JOTA.  This should prove to be fun for all those included.
(updated 424/11: I have found a few Wood Badge people who are Ham Radio Operators.  Exciting!  Evergreen Aviation is supposed to hold a JOTA Event at their place.  I am really hoping so, since I really want the boys to go.  It will count for SO MUCH! Also the JOTA-JOTI website is holding Patch Design contest for the 2011 event.)

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