Great Falls, Mt Historical Society BSA 100 Year Celebration Exhibit

I am in my home state of Montana this week for work.  Through Facebook, I reconnected with a friend of mine from High School.  During lunch she told me about the Great Falls Historical Society’s exhibit that opened on Feb 12th. So, I went over and spent about 25 minutes just looking at all the items.

I wanted to stay so much longer.  There is so much history not just about Boy Scouts, but about all the boys and men who went through all the programs.  It’s just so amazing to see real items from boys who did it all and not pictures on the internet.  It was there.

This is photo above is one of  the two amazing photos I have seen related to Scouting.  I never really thought that there was a Mrs Baden-Powell.  There are two photos.  However, this one is the coolest since it shows her at the 1967 Jamboree in Idaho.  AMAZING.  She was close to where I was, and I have been in where it was.

Going through the whole exhibit was great.  I did take two video’s.  The other is on my Youtube account scouteradam. More photos are on the facebook page as well.  This small exhibit was pulled together by the community for the community.  This is the Spirit of Scouting.  Great job!

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    Reposted today due to the Jamboree stuff that I have been seeing.


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