March’s Pack Meeting

So as with any Cubmaster, getting up in front of the boys and parents can be very interesting.  In my real life job, I go to Print for Pay locations and train people on how to use Xerox equipment. I generally have between 1-5 people that I train.  I do do large crowds at District meetings and conferences.  However, those are few.

Needles to say, I am somewhat comfortable about being in front of people.  However, I have an audience for 45 to 70 minutes that I am in charge of.  Tough crowd and no Two Drink limit either!
I am very used to just getting up there and winging it as I go along.  However, in going to Wood Badge and listening to other people, I have starting to write down or plot out what I am going to do.

There is a lot of research that I do for looking into what I think “Fun” would be for the boys.  I always remember that they have NOT joined Cubscouts for a lecture on FUN. THEY WANT FUN!
So, for this month’s pack meeting I dug out the 2009 Pow-Wow CD that I got.  WOW. This thing is PACKED FULL of great stuff!

I am trying to keep with the March theme of “Take Flight.”  Below is what I am generally going to do.
My Troop Guide for the Beaver Patrol @ WE1-492-09 Woodbadge asked me recently “Do you sing at Pack Meetings?”  No, I said.  Hence, we are singing at every Pack Meeting.

Also, during Wood Badge I got introduced to “ScoutMaster’s Minute.”  Hey, I can do that!  So, now I have one each Pack Meeting.

During my talk with the Troup Guide, he said: Your not there to entertain the parents. Your there for the boys.  BE SILLY! Get out of your comfort zone!

This is coming from a man who was deathly afraid of speaking in public, but now has over seven years of being a CubMaster.

March Pack Meeting:

Gathering Activity:

 Have your Cubs soar with paper airplanes They can make these or design their own. If you want you can set up contests for distance or design or …  Have a Hula Hoop held by Scout Parent and have boys try to throw their plane through it.


Interpretation of the Cub Scout Promise
Props: Each Cub Scout holding a sign with his part of the Cub Scout Promise on it.
Cub # 1: I, _________ PROMISE – A promise is a solemn vow, where your good reputation is at stake.
Cub # 2: TO DO MY BEST – Your best is giving all you‘ve got when you have something to do… and working on it with all your heart and all your strength and devotion you have.
Cub # 3: TO DO MY DUTY – To do the job; to meet the responsibilities; to do what must be done, not just half-way, but completely and fully so that you‘re proud of your work.
Cub # 4: TO GOD AND MY COUNTRY – First, duty to God. Fulfill your religious responsibilities and uphold our religious beliefs. Second, duty to country. I know you‘ve been told how lucky you are to live in a free country and I hope you are aware of what freedom means. You should try to be a good citizen.
Cub # 5: TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE – To help… it doesn‘t say how much. It could mean saving a life or changing a tire or carrying a bag of groceries. To help other people… not just your own family. The best time to help is when you have to go out of your way to do it. Cub # 6: TO OBEY THE LAW OF THE PACK – So that we will all remember

 Airplane Toss Game
Viking Council
Each Cub Scout folds his own paper airplane from a sheet of paper. Let the boys have a few minutes to fly their planes to get used to their own. Then have contests, such as: Greatest distance flight, most accurate flight to airport (box), flight through hoops the greatest distance, staying airborne the longest, etc. You can use the airplanes your Cubs made during the pre-opening or design new ones!

Talk about Beltloops/Pins:

Finn: to Wolf and also leaving the Pack for San Diego.
North Star Advancement Ceremony
Circle Ten Council
Personnel: Cubmaster, the advancing Cub Scouts and their parents.
Equipment: Pinhole planetarium punched for the Big Dipper and North Star, flashlight (or other representation of the big Dipper and north Star)
Set Up – The lights are dimmed with the Cubmaster shining the flashlight through the pinhole planetarium at the ceiling or wall. The Big Dipper and North Star should be showing.
Assistant CM – Call advancing boys and their parents forward.
Cubmaster: For thousands of years, men have known that the North Star is fixed. Shepherds knew it and seamen have used it and other heavenly bodies to guide their ships to port ever since they first dared leave the sight of land. Even today, the stars are important in navigation for ships, jet planes and spaceships. Cub Scouts don’t need the stars to find their way. But even so, you do have your own guiding stars to help you through life. For example, there is your church, your school and Cub Scouting.
In Cub Scouting, our navigational aids are the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. They tell us how we should act and what we should do for ourselves and for others. The Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack are just like the stars by which the seaman steers his ship.
Tonight we honor these Cub Scouts who are navigating straight and true on the Cub Scout trail. With their parents’ help, they have advanced on the trail and have shown that they live by the Cub Scout Promise and the Law.
(Present the awards now. Remembering to give the awards to the parents to present to their sons. Awards could be attached to a shiny star.)


 The Noble Captain Kirk
(Tune: The Grand Old Duke of York)
Circle Ten Council
The noble Captain Kirk,
He had four hundred men.
He beamed them up to the Enterprise,
And beamed them down again.
And when they’re up, they’re up.
And when they’re down, they’re down.
And when they’re only half way up.
They’re nowhere to be seen.


Cubmaster Minute:
From Jesse: Tell them they rock and that I am impressed with them. It seems not nearly as many boys do what they do these days. They are the future of this nation and even if they don’t realize it yet, they are already serving their country.

Closing: Living Circle
Staging: Each Den forms a “Living Circle”. The Cubmaster gives a closing thought.
Cubmaster: Do you ever notice how pleasant it is to be around people who have a cheerful attitude? On the other hand, we sometimes avoid a person who is grumpy and looks on the dark side of things.
There may be a very good reason why these people do not look happy. The next time you see someone who looks unhappy, be a Mr. Fix-it! Smile and say “Hello” and you may just change their mood.
Cub Scouts who have a cheerful attitude not only make life easier for themselves, but spread their happiness to others.

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  1. Pj says:

    Next month will be my first pack meeting for the new year. I know what to do for the recruitment night but not the first pack meeting. I am an eagle scout and was a den leader for three years.


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